Council Introductions: Nicole VanderDoes

nicole-vanderdoes-2Nicole VanderDoes grew up in a culturally Jewish, atheist family, and became a Christian in the spring of 1996 through the work of the Holy Spirit as she read the Bible. After having been involved in leadership at two United Methodist Churches in Ohio, Nicole moved to Chicago in March 2012 and began looking for a church where she could worship, build relationships, and serve. Nicole began attending LMC in December 2012, and continued attending because of LMC’s contemporary worship, strong Biblical foundation, diverse congregation, consistent member attendance—and, most importantly, because she saw great potential at LMC.

Since joining LMC, Nicole has facilitated small groups including the ongoing group that meets on Tuesday nights, helped lead the Spiritual Life Team for the Grace Overflowing capital campaign, oversaw the creation of two devotional booklets written by the congregation, performed in Embers, is working to help coordinate adult enrichment activities, and serves as an assisting minister. As a member of Council, Nicole will do her best to seek God’s wisdom and guidance, listen to others with respect and an open mind, and remember that all things must be done in love and for God’s glory. She will fail; she will often think she knows the best way, will struggle with delegation, and will sometimes become frustrated with inefficiency. But she will also engage in regular self-reflection and prayer to curtail the impact of those weaknesses on her ability to serve God and the people of LMC.

Nicole is an attorney who works to improve the American judicial system, is a Cleveland Indians, Ohio State basketball and football, and Blackhawks fan, and thinks everyone should love birthdays.

Note: Nicole was elected as part of a slate of three at the October Congregational Meeting. She will serve on LMC’s Council for a two year term beginning in January. She will spend the next three months shadowing the current Council before her term begins.


Council Meeting Recap: September 2016

_absolutely_free_photos_original_photos_beautiful-colorful-autumn-leaves-3072x2304_30664In an effort to improve our transparency and communication as your Council, we are sharing a recap of last week’s Council meeting. The full minutes will be available after they are approved, but here are some highlights in the meantime.

We opened the meeting in God’s name with a reading from Luke and shared our reflections on the passage.

Special guest, Heather Vanderberg, and Council member Jeff Conway shared the Communications Team’s proposals for rebranding and website design. After reviewing three bids, the team proposed engaging DesignScout LTD to create three to four brand looks to be used in real-life applications (business cards, letterhead, emails, etc.) The team will choose one of those to implement. The firm will also develop a style guide including images, color palette, font, etc. for use in other applications as needed.

The Communications Team website proposal is to use Church 360 Unite, a customizable, template-based service which integrates with Shepherd’s Staff, LMC’s current database software. The service is easy to use and can be customized based on the rebranding style guide provided by DesignScout LTD. The team has discussed content, photos and implementation and will be able to handle most, if not all, of the necessary website management. The total for the two proposals falls within the Communications Team’s 2016 budget. The Communications Team’s branding and website proposals were unanimously approved by Council. Both the rebranding and updated website are expected to roll out by early 2017.

The August meeting minutes were unanimously approved as modified via email.

Angie Cooper gave an update from the Sexton Hiring Team. LMC has received more than fifty resumes to date. The hiring team of Pastor Martha Halls, Angie and Heather met to review resumes and begin the screening process. In accordance with LMC’s revised Personnel Policy, Angie sent Employment Applications and Background Check Forms to thirteen applicants and will continue to do so with any additional promising candidates. Phone and/or in-person interviews will be scheduled soon. Congregation member Scott Lorraine has joined the hiring team, which will meet again next week.

Misti Peppler reported that the kitchen project estimates are over budget. The Property Team has been exploring solutions that are appropriate for our building’s and congregation’s needs. Capital Build project manager Dan Ruzic has agreed to look at current estimates and help the team assess the final scope of the project with the goal of staying within budget parameters.

We began working to set the agenda for the congregational meeting on October 16. The agenda currently includes presentation of the Capital Build budget, the election of new Council members, and an announcement from the Stewardship Team with respect to upcoming events. An extra Council meeting is set for October 15 to finalize the congregational meeting agenda and to address progress with respect to the kitchen budget.

Ben Dieterich presented the Treasurer’s Report. The deficit for August was less than in recent months. The Stewardship Team is planning efforts in December to try to close some of the remaining gap. Ben requested approval of payment to Perkins Coie pursuant to the law firm’s engagement letter. The request was approved. All budget requests are due October 7th after which the Budget Team, Ben, Angie and Jay Kapp, will meet to begin compilation of the 2017 budget.

Pastor Martha reviewed highlights of her previously emailed Pastor’s Report as well as reports from the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and the Director of Child and Family Ministries. There was a question regarding Vacation Bible School funds, which Pastor Martha will clarify with Deaconess Claire. We discussed the delay of the fall new member class due to scheduling issues. There are still several individuals and families interested in joining LMC and the Great Conversation will resume in the spring. Pastor Martha presented the updated Windows Celebration budget proposal which was unanimously approved.

In other business, Dave Byerly gave a brief update on the Welcoming Team. The team is in the process of discussing possible updates to Coffee Hour. Dave also discussed having a Boy Scouts popcorn sale between services by members of LMC. We determined that this would be the same as the Girl Scouts selling cookies and that nothing special needed to be requested or approved ahead of time.

We offered thanks and praise in our ministry with a prayer led by Dave. We went out in God’s name sharing the peace.

Hopefully this gives you a little glimpse into our process and keeps you informed as to what we are talking about right now. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to work for you!