Council Meeting Recap: March 2016

crocus-778496_1920In an effort to improve our transparency and communication as your Council, we are sharing a recap of last month’s Council meeting. The full minutes will be available after they are approved, but here are some highlights in the meantime.

We opened the meeting in God’s name and approved the minutes from the January and February meetings. Secretary Justin Shimko will post approved minutes on the council bulletin board in the basement.

President Misti Peppler read a request from a member/college student for scholarship money to be matched by her university. We have done the same for this student in the past and unanimously approved the requested amount.

We heard an update regarding the Capital Build Team, to be led by Tim Klein going forward. The team will be assessing priorities and developing a plan for both capital improvements and ongoing building repairs.

We heard, discussed and approved a bid to complete electrical work and replace light fixtures in the stairway to the second and third floors.

Justin shared a proposal from Nicole VanderDoes regarding the coordination of a standing Adult Education Team that will partner with other LMC ministries. Nicole will populate the team and coordinate with Pastor Martha to develop a plan of action for the next year.

Next, we completed the process of selecting individuals to serve on the call team. Those selected came from a list of members who were nominated by other members of the congregation or came forward themselves as interested. We did our best to ensure that the diversity of our congregation is well-represented. The call team is as follows:

  • Bill Phelps
  • Dave Goss
  • Carol Mergl
  • Emily Haite
  • Sara Byerly
  • Emily Moen
  • Diane Betten
  • Mindi Schoof

The next step in the process is for the call team and council to meet jointly with a member of the Synod staff who will be guiding the call process.

Finally, we discussed appointing delegates to the Metro Chicago Synod assembly. Pastor Martha will post a request for interested parties/nominations after Easter.

We gave thanks and went out in God’s name, sharing the peace.

Hopefully this gives you a little glimpse into our process and keeps you informed as to what we are talking about right now. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to work for you!