Council Introductions: Bruce Bowers

5c47e5cc-bfd8-4222-b586-d58d2394c31eHi! My name is Bruce Bowers. I discovered Luther Memorial Church in the summer of 2010. I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 25 years and had not regularly attended any church since moving here from Iowa.
I wanted to attend a church that was part of my community, so I did some research and eventually gave Pastor Tim a call. A few days later we sat and talked over coffee. We talked about my family’s commitment to the Presbyterian Church I attended through high school in Storm Lake, Iowa. We talked a lot about faith and everything from music to sports. 

As the owner of a small business in the Lincoln Square area, I liked being able to practice my faith in the community my business serves. I have met so many great people at LMC. It really is an inviting congregation. I have served as an assistant minister, and been a member of the LMC Council for the last three years, serving as the Council’s Secretary for the last two years. I’ve really enjoyed helping the church these last few years.

I’m a dog trainer, love to barbecue. and am a devoted Blackhawks fan.

I’m also grateful, everyday, that I have Luther Memorial Church.


Council Introductions: Diane Betten

nonameHi! My name is Diane Betten and I’ve been going to LMC for…well, who knows how long now. My three daugthers and myself moved from Evanston to Western & Pensacola in the early 1980’s. I enrolled them at Waters School and my youngest daughter, Jennifer who was in kindergarten at the time became friends with Christine Schulte (who most of you know, I’m sure).
I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for 8 years with the Dominican Nuns.  My first husband was Lutheran so I decided to raise the girls Lutheran. I was very active in a local parish, and then stopped being so active when the girls were still young. 

I’m not sure how it came to be, but one day Jennifer said it was time we started to go back to church and said her friend Christine goes to a Lutheran Church and wanted us to come. So my daughters and myself  decided to attend one Sunday.

The first person I met at Luther Memorial Church was Diane Schulte and everyone knows how great she is!

I love attending Luther Memorial – it has a friendly atmosphere, is generationally diverise, and my spriritual life has been
enriched over the years.