Council Meeting Recap: April 2017

In an effort to improve our transparency and communication as your Council, we are sharing a recap of last week’s Council meeting. The full minutes will be available after they are approved, but here are some highlights in the meantime.

The Council meeting opened in God’s name with a scripture reading from Luke. After reflection and discussion around the scripture, Pastor Martha lead us in prayer.

After approving the minutes from the March meeting, we heard the Property/Capital Build report from Jay Kapp. The kitchen flooring is complete and painting has begun. The electrical and ceiling work will begin shortly. The kitchen is currently scheduled to be completed by the second week of May. Asbestos abatement will follow, beginning in the nursery and hallway, followed by the Beginner’s Room and Fellowship Hall. Once complete, floor leveling will take place, and we will be able to begin planning for next steps. Also, Tim Klein has graciously donated funds to fix the sanctuary plaster.

Next, there was a discussion and some clarification regarding the Rally Day/Rib Fest budget. The Rally Day team will meet next Tuesday to begin planning the event and believe it can be done within budget.

A question was raised regarding having some kind of memorial or other tribute to deceased LMC members. Council discussed a few thoughts and will continue to brainstorm ideas.

In the Pastor’s report, Pastor Martha mentioned that she has been working with Eron on a service for May 21, part of the Reformation 500 celebration, that brings together hymns, reflections on the journey of the church, and art. She also spoke of the Fed and Forgiven class that she taught with Deaconess Claire on April 1, and pointed out that the Sunday School schedule has been adjusted because of asbestos abatement.

Pastor Martha then led a discussion regarding welcoming and engaging visitors and newer members, working harder at getting to know new people, and including and valuing what they bring to the community.  Making this kind of engagement must be a priority, especially in the current, divisive political climate.

Next, Ben Dieterich gave the Treasurer’s report. Giving has been down each month in 2017. He is working with the Stewardship Team to identify possible reasons for this as well as ways to address them.

The Synod Assembly takes place June 9-10 in Tinley Park. Three voting members plus the pastor can attend. Heather Vanderberg Schupp and Jay Kapp are currently attending.  Volunteers were sought via News and Notes with no response. We will reach out to members of the congregation directly.

Audrey Downes, the Hospitality Team liaison, shared feedback on the book “Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations” which includes a chapter on “Radical Hospitality”. The team will be using this chapter as a guide going forward.

Justin Shimko stated that the Social Justice Team is scheduled to meet on Thursday April 27.

Jeff Conway reported that the Communications Team is scheduled to meet on May 4 and that work on an updated and rebranded bulletin is currently underway.

Adult Enrichment Team liaison, Nicole VanderDoes, had a productive planning meeting with Deaconess Claire.

Congregational Care Team liaison, Toietta Dixon, shared a draft copy of the team’s newly developed protocol to formalize an approach to crisis response.

We offered thanks and praise in our ministry, and went out in God’s name sharing the peace.

Hopefully this gives you a little glimpse into our process and keeps you informed as to what we are talking about right now. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to work for you!


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