Council Introductions: Toietta Dixon

14711616_10154173056778425_3189089082586526525_o-head-1Toietta and her husband, Michael, celebrated their 30th anniversary in August of this year. They have one child, Noah (18), who is a high school senior. Though she grew up in the Missionary Baptist church, Toietta converted to the ELCA when Noah was two, so that the Dixons could worship as a family. At other churches, she has been on the Council, headed the Worship & Music Committee, been a member of the Endowment Committee, taught the High School Sunday School class (along with Michael), and served as a Stephen Minister, as well as a variety of other volunteer services.

The Dixons began worshipping at Luther Memorial full time in September 2014, when they moved from northwest Connecticut to Chicago, and participated in the Great Conversation in the spring of 2015. At LMC, Toietta has facilitated a number of adult small groups, sings in the Chancel Choir, and is a Stephen Minister. She is eager to continue to serve in accordance with God’s calling.

Note: Toietta was elected as part of a slate of three at the October Congregational Meeting. She will serve on LMC’s Council for a two year term beginning in January. She will spend the next three months shadowing the current Council before her term begins.


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