Council Meeting Recap: August 2016


In an effort to improve our transparency and communication as your Council, we are sharing a recap of last month’s Council meeting. The full minutes will be available after they are approved, but here are some highlights in the meantime.

President Misti Peppler read a passage from Luke. We opened the meeting by sharing reflections on what this passage means to us as a Council.

We voted to approve Secretary Justin Shimko’s minutes from the July meeting.

Misti shared a letter to the Council from the Stephen Ministry leaders which identified concerns from this group. We discussed ways of addressing those concerns and agreed to invite interested Stephen Ministers to an upcoming meeting for further discussion.

We talked at length about the importance of building trust and keeping open lines of communication with the people of LMC. We want to make sure we are encouraging members to share their questions, concerns and complaints, as well as their joys, hopes and dreams. We brainstormed some ways that people could share with Council and each other and will be working on implementing and encouraging a few different platforms for communication. Each member of LMC has unique gifts and we want to encourage everyone to use their gifts with the vision and mission of our church in mind. Working together in this way will help ease us through this transitional period as well as set us up for a stronger future.

Pastor Martha and Angie Cooper gave an update on the resignation of LMC’s long time Sexton, presented short and long term cleaning and staffing solutions, and reviewed an updated draft of the job description.

We reviewed and discussed the latest draft of the Personnel Policy and agreed that we should delay adoption of the policy subject to attorney review.

Christian Kern gave an update from the Technology Team regarding the website issue and discussed short term solutions to getting things back up and running as well as long term solutions to the issues of maintenance and availability.

Misti gave Property and Capital Build Team updates. We are waiting to hear from the city regarding kitchen permits. In the meantime, the Property Team is interviewing contractors and obtaining bids. The Capital Build Team is interviewing architects and working on a comprehensive budget to share with the congregation in an October congregational meeting.

Pastor Martha highlighted a few items from her previously emailed Pastor’s Report. She will be teaching confirmation on Wednesday nights instead of the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries as previously planned. This seems to work out best with everyone’s schedules. The team working on the Windows celebration is requesting funding for planning and implementing the celebration. Council has requested a budget. Pastor Martha shared the new Youth and Family program book that will be used by current and prospective members with children.

Treasurer Ben Dieterich gave his report. There were no unusual expenses for July. We continue to see lower offering, resulting in a negative year-to-date balance. Ben will give his quarterly report to the congregation after Rally Day.

Christian led a closing prayer and we adjourned the meeting and went out in God’s name.

Hopefully this gives you a little glimpse into our process and keeps you informed as to what we are talking about right now. As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to work for you!


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