LMC Visioning Task Force Introduction

What: A group of disciples gathered from the congregation who show vision for LMC and have agreed to work through a prayerful process to discern LMC’s mission and vision that God in Christ is calling us to through 2020.

How: These task force members, who showed interest and promise through the Fall 2014 Cottage Meetings, are working with the Council and Pr. David Misenheimer (through Kairos & Associates) to listen, advise, pray, and articulate some central themes of how LMC is being called to minister and operate.

When: The task force has had an initial meeting to lay groundwork, as well as a follow-up brainstorming meeting that built off of the energy of the first meeting. The task force plans to meet again in April to further refine what we’re discerning, and may meet as many as six more times. The next step after our April gathering is to go to the congregation to hear your feedback on what we’re discerning. Everyone has a voice in this process.

Future: The council, through the Fall of 2014, went through a vetting process with Capital Firms who also specialized in leading congregations through visioning work. We narrowed our search down to three, conducted interviews, and landed on Kairos and Associates. We began work with them directly before Easter. With this process we will also begin exploring a new logo and other materials to streamline the message God has put in our hearts. You’ll be both hearing more and invited to lend your voice to the process soon!

Team Members

Jeff Conway     Nicole Kerstetter   Kelly Weiss      Sean Heneghan


Dieter Schulte   Marcia Mawe   Linda Khoury   Pr. Tim Brown   LMC Council

Current Mission Statement: “A Welcoming Community Proclaiming God’s Grace through Faith, Praise, and Service”


Future Mission Statement: ?…we’ll see what God does with us!


One thought on “LMC Visioning Task Force Introduction

  1. Jenny says:

    Excited for this! since I believe that individuals as well as organizations/ communities need to continue to grow and renew. (Always been made new).
    I do hope that the tone as well as the approach is one of building on all the amazing, faithful work that has been on going at LMC throughout the years not negating or alienating existing members and/ or ongoing ministries. It is a delicate balance to honor the “old” as you bring in the “new” .

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