Council Introductions: Justin Shimko

Wedding PhotoMy story is typical of many others. I was born into a Lutheran family, specifically the Missouri Synod, and did not question that aspect of it for many years. It was after my time in college and moving away from Oklahoma to Washington, DC, that my identity and my spiritual journey veered off course. However, these last few years have explained why that happened: having a community.

When Heidi and I started looking for a church to call home, we branched out of our comfort zones: LCMS for me and the Catholic Church for her. We found Luther Memorial and almost immediately recognized how unique this place was in the city. We really felt welcome here and challenged. Challenged in a way to make us think harder about our faith lives and how we were using it to help the world around us.

Today, Heidi has been working to build and grow the Wellness Initiative, providing alternative medical care to those who normally could not afford it, while I take time away from my career in political communications to give my time and talent in any way I can find it, especially when I am able to play my violin for the congregation during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

We have found the missing piece in our lives through Luther Memorial and could not be happier to be a part of this special and growing community.


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